Raid Pools

Dedicated array of Cardano Staking Pools in Google Cloud

You will not find better or more secure Cardano staking pools


Time until payout for epoch 217:

Notices and Awards:

Notice -1-
RAID1 made its first block this epoch. Rewards will be paid out in epoch 219.

Notice -2-
Ticket #102090
>> IOHK support will publish an article.

We are all part of Cardano history, on the road to decentralization!

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Once you are staking with any of the pools in the Array and they make a block, rewards will be earned by all the delegators who have a stake in the pool in that Epoch. These rewards are paid out at the transition to Epoch number+2, so always within 10 days. The payouts are automatically sent directly to your wallet. The payment is calculated and made by the blockchain/wallet and is independent of the pool you are staking with. The best part about staking with Cardano is that the funds never leave your wallet and you will remain in control, your funds are never locked and are always available to spend/transfer.

Stay Safe
We will never ask you for money, your password, your passphrase or your secret folders. We highly recommend IOG/IOHK support article on Staying Safe online.

Like with all things, find out for yourself whether a high Pledge value makes any difference to the rewards that can be earned by delegation. Official Cardano Calculator